Despite these trying times, we stay committed in finding ways to continue helping our artists who are affected by the pandemic. While we’re looking for new ways to move forward with the new norm and working on sustainable projects to benefit our artists, we’ve listed a few things you can do to help out and show your support. 


BUY THEIR MUSIC. While streaming also benefits the artists, you can take a step further by making a purchase. Artists earn significantly more from direct downloads compared to streaming revenue. You can download all 22 Tango artists’ music on Bandcamp. Take 20% off when you buy an artist’s full discography.  Check it out here:


BUY THEIR MERCH. T-shirts, hats, tote bags — wearing your favorite artists’ merch is a great way to help them spread the word on their music.  Order merch online at or message us on to order. 


ENGAGE WITH THEM. Follow them on their socials and interact with them during their online events. With most of us basically living on the internet these days, it’s a good place to keep in touch with your favorite artists for their latest music updates or even just a quick live stream of how their days are going and what they’re up to. Follow 22 Tango Records’ Instagram page (@22tangorecords), Facebook and YouTube channel ( for the latest virtual events. 


TAKE PART. A lot of artists and organizations are collaborating and putting together fundraisers online through online shows and live streams. Take part in them! Donate however you can or share to friends and family so more people can participate. We’ve started out a fundraiser for our homegrown artists and champions.  Any bit of support helps!  Check it out here: 


SUPPORT THE LOCAL MUSIC VENUES.  Check in on live music venues in the city and see how you can support them by ordering take out or meals for delivery.  Let’s help make sure our local music venues can weather this crisis and will still be around to host shows for the years to come.

SHARE THE LOVE. If you’re waiting for a sign to share that playlist you made,THIS IS IT. Share your love of music with the people around you and let your friends listen to your current artist-on-repeat. You could share the Spotify playlists and songs you’re currently listening to on your Instagram stories or have a listening party on Zoom. It’s a great way to feel connected. Be sure to tag us when you do! 

Although there’s distance between us, music will ALWAYS bring us together.