Murals was packed last February 21, 2020 with people settled in for an intimate set up of 22 Tango Records’ closed-door acoustic session, The Listening Room.


The closeness made it possible for both the artists and the audience to truly connect and interact with one another throughout the show. 


J Russ started the night off, luring everyone in with his tender yet passionate songwriting that left the audience in awe – getting a couple of sighs and deep breaths from the crowd.


It was twice the hit to the feels when Vincent Eco came on next with his signature set of love, heartache and wistful longing.


And to make matters of the heart even more askew, Jerika Teodorico followed and took the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions with her witty lines, poetic melodies, and bittersweet adlibs.


Luckily for the hopeless romantics in the room who were close to tears, Wonggoys capped the night off with a playful performance of their feel-good music, tipping the emotional scale back to balance. 


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