In a time of huge concerts, raves , and large-scale festivals-intimate sets with your favourite artists have become quite a rarity and is something to be celebrated. Enter The Listening Room-simple closed door affair where the experience is not about taking videos on a jumbotron (because the artist is about the size of an ant), but rather about going back to the basics.

This intimacy also means that new music finds its first home in The Listening Room. You get to experience the moment a tune is first played and see your favourite artists look to you for your honest review. Its a chance to truly connect and truly understand the process of making real, good music.

Lourdes Maglinte takes us on an emotional stroll as she covers Dancing on my Own by Robyn

Vincent Eco played a new song that night-inspired by a love letter writing contest.

Luis Quibranza (of Bethany) heartfelt sound and genuine love for Cebu’s music scene was truly felt as he engaged the audience in conversation between songs.

Ahhh the Wonggoys, always full of surprises and energy! The brothers also premiered a new song that nigh! stay tuned!

Making music is an art and maybe why it was only appropriate to have that night’s event at – 856G Gallery, a place that celebrates Cebuano art and is home to events that encourage the creator in everyone.

The listening room, despite the #shhhh policy- is a loud celebration of Cebuano talent. The silence – a catalyst for the perfect intimate experience. The listening room asks for the bare minimum and yet, rewards by making the moment – truly about you.

We’d like to thank Tiger Beer for being our partner for the night! Cheers!