After a two-year long break from the music scene, The Listening Room is finally back with brand new music ready to be shared with everyone. 



The live music session is a song-centric platform for artists with a talent for storytelling and weaving feelings into song to share their messages with listeners who go there for the sole purpose of listening to good homegrown music. First established in 2015, The Listening Room is one of the other platforms 22 Tango Records’ provides Cebuano musicians and songwriters to share their pieces and have their voices heard. 



Each venue for The Listening Room is unique, switching between non-traditional settings like Museums, Art Galleries, and Libraries, turning them into spaces where the audience and artist can connect. It allows for a more immersive experience for both parties. 


As all art is created to be consumed and enjoyed, The Listening Room wants its audience to feel what the artist feels when she is at her most vulnerable; respond with the emotions the artists’ masterpiece evokes – – without prejudice or judgement. 


It is our endeavour to create a deeper emotional bond between the artist, the art piece, and the listener.



As is tradition, our music policy called the #shhhhpolicy will be in full swing to keep background noise to a minimum as The Listening Room is truly designed for conscious and purposeful listening.



Don’t miss out on this happy comeback! Join us on July 31st, 8pm, at 856 G Gallery, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City for a little homegrown treat. 


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